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COVID-19 Reopening Protocols

The Doctors

COVID-19 Reopening Protocols

Americans are living in unprecedented times and a “new normal” has been created. We do not yet know what our world will look like moving forward, but most assuredly, we will stay up to date and follow the latest AAO, ADA, NJDA, OSHA, State and Federal COVID-19 guidelines to keep our patients and their families and our Kaz Ortho team healthy.

Patient check in, amount of patients being seen, waiting room traffic, appointment times, office hours, communicating with the office, appearance of Dr. Erin and her team wearing PPE will all be different than what you are used to. Please keep in mind these changes are to keep you and us healthy!


– We will be seeing half the amount of our usual patient load, with an empty chair in between each patient.
– Appointments will be longer than usual to get used to the new norm.
– We will see our shorter appointments (adjustments, appliance/retainer deliveries and checks) in the morning.
– We will see our longer longer appointments (braces being put on, taken off, appliances/expanders being cemented, and orthodontic records/work ups) in the afternoon.
– Our NEW extended office hours will be Monday-Friday 8 am-1 pm and 2 pm- 6 pm
– Monday, Wednesday and Friday (pm only) in the MARLTON office
– Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (am only) in the MEDFORD office
– Dr. Erin is offering to do virtual treatment consults on Smile Snap, Facetime or Zoom in the evenings after 6 p.m. as needed!

Prior to Your Appointment

1. Please FILL OUT AND SIGN the COVID-19 health questionnaire and consent form for you (adult patients) or your child.

Supplemental Health Questionnaire

Informed Consent Form

2. We ask that the patients brush their teeth AT HOME prior to their appointment. Each patient will be given an antibacterial mouth wash to rinse with at the dental chair.
3. When you pull in the parking lot please call the office (856) 596-1933 and one of our staff members will come to greet you and take your (adult patients) or your child’s temperature. She will also review the COVID-19 disclosure form and ask for your cell phone number.
4. When we are ready to see the patient we will call you to come in. We ask parents/guardians to stay in your car to decrease the amount of people in the office at once. If your child is 8 years old or younger, has dental anxiety, special needs, physical disabilities or any other concerning issues you can accompany them.
– If you are accompanying a patient you will need your temperature taken, covid disclosure form signed and will be asked to wear a mask. You will NOT be permitted to go into the dental operatory and must stay in the waiting room.
5. When the appointment is over your child will be walked out and either the doctor or assistant working with your child will call your provided cell phone number and let you know what was done and when the patient should be seen again.

Front Desk Interactions

– Appointments should be made over the phone.
– Insurance questions will be discussed over the phone or via email.
– Contracts will be sent and signed via email, fax or in the mail.
– Payments should be sent in, made over the phone or when possible a credit/debit card be left on file.
– If you need to come in to talk in person we are asking that you wear a mask and allow us to take your temperature.
– We will be calling, emailing or texting appointment reminders to minimize paper being passed back and forth. If you need a flex spending receipt or note for school we can email or send it to you in the mail.

Doctor & Team PPE-

Scrubs and masks at the front desk
– Scrubs with disposable gowns on the clinical floor
– Masks and eyewear/face shield on the clinical floor
– All team members will have their temperature taken daily